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About Intra-Win


What we do

Intra-Win is the perfect partner for optimizing your logistics purchasing process. We like to take things that little step beyond what other agencies do. Providing you with a detailed insight into your logistics activities enables us to both realise considerable cost savings, as well as optimise your purchasing process.

Intra-Win has the right knowledge and expertise at its disposal to place your company one step ahead of the rest. With considerable savings and increased customer satisfaction as a direct result. And all this whilst you can devote all your time and energy to your core business.

Company History

Intra-Win was founded by Sandra Hawinkels in 2007. Sandra started her career in 1992 at a large international transport company in the south of the country. She moved to FedEx Express, one of the world’s largest logistics service providers, in 1996. Sandra held various different management positions within this organisation.

Sandra Hawinkels was appointed as Head of FedEx Express Operations in the Netherlands from 2000. The experience she gained within this position made it very clear to Sandra that many companies do not get round to setting up an optimal logistics organisation as a result of a lack of time and expertise. These companies therefore often spend unnecessary amounts of money on their logistics processes.

Based on these experiences, Intra-Win’s objective is to support these companies with the design of their logistics activities and the associated purchasing activities.