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Our method

Analysis and purchasing of your logistics

Logistics is focussed on delivering the right product, with the right quantities, at the right place, at the right price, at the agreed time. Intra-Win will ensure you can optimally purchase the required logistics activities. We will use the specific purchasing situation within your company as our starting point. We have the required know-how and experience at our disposal to realise logistics cost savings by streamlining or even restructuring your total purchasing process.
Intra-Win has an advanced database at its disposal which includes the most recent transport prices of virtually all Logistic Service Providers (LSP’s). This knowledge ultimately puts us in a position where we can agree on very favourable tariffs for our customers. We also have a vast level of experience with optimally managing the tender process and setting up all the necessary contracts and Service Level Agreements.

Intra-Win’s approach

Intra-Win uses a proven method for optimising your purchasing process.
Our approach is characterised by a step by step procedure:

Statistics getting better

1. Logistics activities scan

Intra-Win always starts off with a thorough scan of your logistics activities. We will analyse your complete logistics process, your purchasing procedures and your contract management. We will subsequently carry out a baseline measurement: an inventory of all your distribution flows, including the associated volumes and costs. We will use this information to define a new and more efficient purchasing policy together with you. This would naturally also include extensive advice regarding any possible optimisation and savings projects.

2. Purchasing process

The next step consists of optimising the distribution flows, as well as the start up and management of the tender process. The outcome of the Tender will make it an easy process for you to choose the most suitable LSP’s. We will subsequently initiate the contract negotiations and start defining the required Service Level Agreements.

3. Implementation

The last step completely focuses on the actual implementation of your new purchasing policy. We will provide your purchasing staff with appropriate advice regarding how they can best work with this new policy. This ensures you will be able to continue to realise savings, both now and in the future.


We will continue to monitor the LSP performance levels for the duration of your contract with us. We will analyse the Service Levels during a number of follow up discussions and can therefore make quick adjustments as and when required.


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